About Alba

Here is how you will be amazed:

  • Alba Iulia was inhabited for more than 2000 years, time in which different nations have built here fortifications in order to defend themselves from invaders. As a result, in Alba Iulia you can find traces of three fortifications built one upon the other on the same place: the Roman Castrum (2nd century), the Medieval Citadel (13th century) and the Vauban Bastionary Fortress Alba Carolina (18th century).
  • During the medieval ages, Alba Iulia was the capital of Transylvania. Here princes and princess used to live their fascinating lives full of conveniences.
  • In Alba Iulia, you can find the largest bastionary citadel in South-Eastern Europe, the Alba Carolina Citadel, in which you can get lost for good if you don’t carry a map.
  • Here you can see the largest concentration of historical monuments in Romania and also the first monument built in the memory of Romanian heroes.
  • Due to some of the most important events in the history of Romania that happened here, Alba Iulia is considered “The soul capital of Romanians”. Here is where it took place the first unification of Romania as a single country, accomplished by Michael the Brave in 1600; the famous peasant uprising leaded by Horea, Cloșca and Crișan (1784-1785); the coronation of the King Ferdinand I and Queen Marie (1922); and the foundation of the present Romanian state at 1st December 1918. This day is also known as the Unification Day and it is celebrated each year as the Romanian’s National Day.
  • In Alba Iulia you can also find historical monuments of great value, like the Romano-Catholic Cathedral, which is the oldest one in Transylvania and the Third Gate of the citadel, which is a very impressive work of art, with rich baroque style sculptural decorations.
  • In Alba Iulia, history comes back to life. Inside the Alba Carolina Citadel you will be surrounded by soldiers and landladies wearing 18th century Austrian costumes, ready to bring at least one smile on your face.


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